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At the age of ten, the camera started rolling, and a young girl walked in with flyaway bangs, whose eyes where wide apart, with a Bamby look on them, an adorable snub nose that sets her apart from all others, and of course the signature unplucked eyebrows which is the envy of almost every girl. This lady eventually grew up into the ostentatiously looking celebrity models we all know to love named Cara Delevingne.
cara delevinge


Born out of a prestigious high pedigree, the Delevingne family has definitely set themselves apart in the community bearing high connections and fame like royalty. Her grandmother Janie Sheffield was the lady-in-waiting for Princess Margaret, while her grandfather Sir Jocelyn Stevens was the chairman of English Heritage and publishing executive. They had a daughter named Pandora (Cara’s mother) who is one of the country’s famous society darlings. Cara’s father was a property developer and son of Canadian politician Hamar Greenwood. She has two sisters named Chloe (biomedical science graduate) and Poppy (model and socialite). The lavish life of Cara Delevingne definitely started even before she became the face of Burberry
Cara Delevinge


The dark blonde beauty earned her success from just being herself. Odd, silly and full of personality surely became her ticket into stardom, besides her family’s connections of course. But this model, who says she does not brush her hair has the mane of a lion and can definitely can act as wild as the beast can be. Nicknamed as Monster, I think the Intstagram posts are enough to display Cara’s active participation in night outs along with celebrity stars Emma Watson and the likes. But what truly sets this young girl apart in the world of fashion is her preference to choose jeans over skirts, platform sneakers over heels. Definitely, Cara’s androgynous personality has earned her the prestige into being compared as the young Coco Chanel of this generation, but a lot more wild.

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Cara The Goofy Model

The ravishing Delevingne has wooed designers with the life she brings to photos and clothes. But Cara, as she admitted, unknowingly knew what she was doing when she does silly, comedic, laugh out loud faces which still turn out to be gorgeously beautiful and which photographers consider as art. She claims “I didn’t know what else to do” so she just puts on whatever face instead of exploring some weird pose in the hopes of breaking her neck.

Cara The Not-so-Model

And after all the success of this tantalizing awe-eyed stunner, we would think that she is at the pinnacle of her success. However, the young Delevingne, continuing to wear awesome platform sneakers which I found here  on Resultly. after a moment of searching, merely said that modelling (a life-long dream to many), is simply one of her hobbies. I know many young ladies from America’s Next Top Model who would be raising their eyebrows with this, but Cara, in all her youth and charm, actually wants to pursue a career in acting and singing. With loads of besties like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, it can’t be impossible. The aspiring actor has already starred in the film Anna Karenina as Princess Sorokina. As for her singing career, this video is all we have.

We can love her or we can hate her, but we can’t definitely get enough of her. Cara Delevingne has put her name on marquee and no one can easily put out her flame. Whether she’s sleepy tired in every photoshoot or fashionably late in every interview, this young model slash actress slash singer will be around to draw us in to her exotic, awkward awesomeness. She’s ditched the heels and put on some high sneakers, a perfect balance of her feminine and tomboy side.