Hey guys,

I thought for this piece I’d share with you how my boyfriend and I started our little journey together. You’re going to hear everything from how we met, where he took me on our first date, what I wore, the whole shebang! Ready, here I go!

So you know when they say it always happens when you least expect it? Well I have always been the single lady, I would cringe to think about how many of these shirts might be in my future closet.



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I was 22 and working full time an hour away from where I lived, so needless to say I’m usually pretty tired. I’m almost asleep as I write this as a matter of fact, haha. So it’s a Friday night, and as content as I was with spending the night in, my friends convinced me to go out. I honestly didn’t even shower, baby powder was gonna be good enough. LOL. So, we heading to the city, drinking a bit on the train, hop in a cab, and we’re off! As we start heading towards Main Street bars we make a spontaneous change of bars plan and head towards this small place with live music. We’re there, we’re drinking, we’re dancing and we’re singing- having an all around great time. To get to it, I walk right into the best friend of an ahole that I used to date. The best friend, Jake, remembers me and we so get to talking a bit. How have you been, where are you working, etc, etc. As awkward as we both knew it was, we exchanged numbers and ended the night at that.

The next day, nothing. The next, next day, I got a text. We chit chatted for a bit about how nice it was to run into each other the other night and then came the double whammy… “I know you and Jimmy dated for a while, and this might be crossing the line, but would you want to go out sometime?” Before I had time to think it through I said yes, and never looked back.

Now I am in the “what the heck do I wear” stage. We planned to go for drinks at a cute little irish pub. Because it was a fairly casual place, I thought my new plaid pants would be perfect. They’re basically plaid jogger pants, which I found on Resultly, so I decided to wear heeled booties with them to dress it up a bit.

plaid pants


I opted for no hat, which was a very solid decision. But, I thought I looked the perfect balance mix of cute and casual. I hate looking like I’m trying really hard for someone. Guilty! So, we hit it off. After the first date we had a second, a third, a fourth, a couple casual hang outs in between, until finally we had the talk. We both knew the elephant in the room, but I don’t think either of us cared.

We started dating 2 years ago and are so glad we didn’t let a person of my past dictate our future together. If there’s one thing I can hopefully try to teach it’s that. Respect yourself and don’t let your happiness ever reside in someone else’s hands.