I love the color green. It makes me feel very close to nature. Also, I am told that to avoid that ‘strain feeling’ on the eyes; make sure you look at something green which is why I try to surround my surroundings with this color.

Though another way of resting my eyes is to actually look at fashion magazines online and search for something green like these sweaters that have been bombarding fashion sites.

Green is a color that suits both genders. I like it when I see men wearing green – case in point? Ryan Gosling.

green sweater

I have seen his photo online wearing this green sweater and he looks H-O-T. I think another factor is because it brings out the color of his eyes and the scruff look, is well too dreamy to be honest. For women, the lighter shade of green looks great with those who have fair skin and the darker shade for the dark-skinned. This is just my opinion and observation.

Look at how fabulous Alessandra Ambrosio looked at her Michael Kors green sweater. She has matched it with her denims and scarf. Trendy yet relaxed.

green sweater

I would have done the same pairing but I would want to maybe pair it off with shorts or culottes then wear ankle-high boots for my culottes and maybe a sneaker wedge for my shorts.

If I have inspired you to go green for your next sweater purchase, I would suggest browsing through this website: as they have a lot of gorgeous green sweaters that you can choose from. I have been eyeing the Zara V-neck green sweater for my boyfriend. He can pair it off with his favorite denim jeans or black pants and he can wear it on its own or with a plain white shirt. If he is not wearing it, I can wear it myself either as a sweater dress, incorporate a big chunk of belt and pair it off with my black boots or wear it with black sheer stockings and black ballet flats.

However, I do intend to buy my own sweater and I just cannot be happier when I saw this website called They have different women sweaters that you can choose from: I cannot pick one and would want to buy them all! With this green sweater, I can wear my maxi skirt or maybe my floral printed leggings. I am in fashion heaven!

Got to go because it seems that everything I click is either sold out or not available anymore. I need to use my fast hands to click the ‘Buy Now’ button. Lol!

What about you? Hurry before stocks run out!