In case you haven’t noticed the ever growing and increasing trend in camo, it’s about time you open your eyes. From camo skinny jeans, vests, jackets, and shoes, camo is here and we’re loving it.

celebs in camo

Celebs are doing it, your coworkers are doing it, your teachers are doing it, and now it’s your turn to join the camo club. As I started noticing this becoming more and more of a thing, I became pretty curious as to how this trend started.

I was never into camo. I’m from New York and went to school for a few years in Minnesota. As you can probably imagine I was surrounded by small town guys and girls where hunting was their baseball… and softball. The girls wore it the guys wore it, I was seeing more camo than ever before, and I didn’t like it. I thought they looked like hicks and my a** thought I was way classier than these small town hicks. This was a few years ago.

Fast forward to right now, and you’d never guess I would be accepting of this movement. I still don’t like hunting and am slightly turned off any time a guy tells me he hunts, however I am digging the look! Then, it hit me, it’s the Brad Paisleys, Carrie Underwoods, and Toby Keith’s of the world who got me, and the rest of the nation, loving their country. We rock the green, gray, and black as a sign of respect to our country, as a symbol that we know how to get down and dirty, and we look good while doing it. It took me some time to accept this motion, however, now that I have I fully support it.

camo skinny jeans


Blue jeans are so overrated so try something like these camo skinny jeans from Resultly.

camo jacket


Or, rock the look like Selena Gomez and kill it in this Nordstrom two pocket stretch cotton military jacket.

Regardless of how you want to style this look, adding just a pop of camo to your outfit can totally give you a new look. Whether you want to go for a more casual look or make it look a bit more edgy, you can achieve both styles. It’s all about how you wear it and how you accessorize it. This jacket for example above, definitely gives off a more casual, laid back vibe, but still super cute. Wear it like Selena does above with a scarf and you’re still looking cute but comfy.

No matter what it’s a great look, and the boys love, so why not right? Do your fashion and your country right and rock the new look.